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Andia founded Content Takeoff and has been helping clients get more customers from Google searches since 2016. Over the last 6 years, she has proudly helped hundreds of financial brands and personal finance blogs rank higher in search engines.

Her strategy is different from most agencies and SEO experts. Her services are more affordable because of her “building blocks” model, where she strategizes and clearly defines a “building block” at a time. Her approach is that the faster she can get work done, the faster you see results.

Like any business, you can’t do it all alone. She works with a lean remote team that understands the dynamic nature of SEO and content marketing. They’re able to adjust SEO strategies to fit any changes in the industry. We prioritize transparent communication and work closely with our clients to meet their goals.

Think of us as an extension of your marketing team to manage your SEO campaigns and provide valuable insights and consulting for your entire SEO Strategy- without breaking the bank.

Meet Our Team

Experienced, Responsive, Accountable

Andia has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Accounting & Business Admin and a Master of Banking & Finance. She has over 10 years of experience in financial services, including banking, private equity, real estate, risk management, audit, fund management, and more.

Faith has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Accounting and is a versatile writer.

Naomi has a Bachelor Of Science In Informatics And Computer Science

About Andia

I’m the SEO strategist behind Content Takeoff, a digital publishing business. 

I’ve got a strong background in finance; Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Accounting & Business Admin and a Master of Banking & Finance. I also have over 10 years of experience in financial services, including banking, private equity, real estate, risk management, audit, fund management, and more. 

Besides that, I have over 6 years or experience in SEO & Financial Writing and have a passion for experimenting with online businesses. I’m a full time SEO strategist that’s currently managing a portfolio of 5 niche sites visited and beloved by thousands of readers monthly and multiple clients.

I know that content comes first! That’s why I have spent years figuring out the best and quickest way to rank and stay on top of Google– And that’s why I developed a Done-For-You  (DFY) “building blocks” system. 

The system helps me strategically pick out articles after brainstorming ideas and write them in the quickest and most effective way – while still creating high-quality and SEO optimised articles. 

Now, I use the same system to help investors and individuals, start, grow, and scale profitable online assets.

Content Takeoff is where I share a glimpse into my digital publishing business. I share no-fuff SEO strategies that gets me consistent real results- without overwhelm.

My hope is to encourage and empower others start a profitable blog; that transitions from a side hustle to a passive income digital empire.

How We Help You Flourish & Grow With Google

  1. Get a realistic content strategy to increase your organic traffic and grab your spot in the rankings.
    Benefit: We’ll give you a roadmap of 50+ primary keywords to target in your content strategy through a Keyword Gap Analysis against your top five competitors.
    We’ll also identify posts with good ranking potential, determine which posts need to be removed, refreshed, or need additional backlinks, and much more.
  2. Get traction from Google with a one-time swift SEO optimization of current articles.
    Benefit: Optimize articles for primary and secondary keywords to attract more readers and drive more conversions. Add additional content, headers, and FAQs, to ensure your articles are as comprehensive as your competitors’ and that they pick up on additional traffic sources.
    Optimize titles, existing headers, and meta-description as needed so that your articles are easy to find and provide value to readers. Finally, report on the before and after of our changes to show the impact of our SEO efforts.
  3. Custom SEO-powered ‘Google approved’ outlines for your articles
    Benefit: It can be frustrating to spend hours researching, writing, and optimizing your blog posts or articles, only to see them fall flat with your audience. We’ll get you a fully optimized outline with headers, suggested word count, and meta-description to create jaw-dropping content that ranks well in search engines.
    With SurferSEO or Frase Content Editor, you or your writer knows exactly how to handle on-page optimization. You’ll also get competitor analysis with links for reference, long-tail and related keywords, and more.
  4. Keywords that result in conversions and sales, not just extra traffic
    Benefit: Quality traffic that results in conversions instead of useless traffic.
  5. A month-by-month analysis of how successful each blog post is in regards to conversion rates.
    Benefit: We focus on conversions from blog posts rather than other common yet useless website metrics like social shares or total pageviews. We believe in the data that conversion provides, and we use it to improve our content strategy and topic selection so that we can see even more conversions in the future.

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