Affordable SEO Services

You intend to drive traffic to your site to generate organic leads, increase conversions, and, consequently, revenue. And you’re looking for affordable SEO services to help you achieve this goal.

Unfortunately, every SEO services you come across are way too expensive. You have become hesitant to tie yourself to a long-term contract whose success you’re yet to attest to.

There’s an alternative route to your goal. 

Building Blocks’ defines our affordable SEO services. Here, we give you an opportunity to try our services while minimizing the risk of empty traffic and an unranking website. 

As opposed to the one-pack long-term SEO package, we batch our work in smaller packages (building blocks). Amazingly, this strategy can achieve 12 months of SEO work in just a third of that time. We also allow you to pay for what you need at the time.

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Meanwhile, in this article, I’ll show you how we structure our services to offer you the most affordable and effective SEO services.  

Before we dive in, let’s understand the difference between cheap vs affordable seo services.

Cheap Vs. Affordable SEO

The service quality is the main difference between ‘cheap’ and ‘affordable’ SEO. Although both strategies seem to save money, affordable search engine optimization services guarantee quality. On the other hand, cheap SEO services stoop too low in terms of cost but yield very little in the long run.

While small businesses have also not been left behind in the digital marketing strategy, an endless list of SEO agencies is cropping up. And as a business owner or blogger, you may fall into the hands of the cheap small business SEO service provider trying to beat competition with lower fees. 

Sadly, you may end up only spending your money on low-cost search engine optimization services with only empty traffic to your website. Hence, conducting thorough research beforehand is brilliant.

Our team is one of the most reputable, conversion-driven and accountable to the results you desire. One of the reasons we decided to venture into this job is to save small businesses from shady search engine optimization agencies’ exploitation. 

Our smaller packages (one building block at a time) assure you exceptional results within a short time.

Why Affordable SEO Consultants are Hard to Find

Quality content marketing experts are a hard-to-find. Yet, those that provide results-generating services quote a price your marketing budget can’t accommodate. 

Very frustrating! Right? 

However, you still want to need an experienced SEO expert for your small business as part of your online marketing strategy. Consequently, you run into 3 major ‘gaps’ in the market:

Gap 1: Want Long-Term Engagements that Cost $4000+ Per Month

Most SEO agencies and consultants want to lock you up in long-term, expensive contracts. Their contracts involve a full package of services, some of which you may not need. . Even so, long-term search engine optimization deals have their up and downsides like the unpredictable Google updates.


  • High-quality content increases your potential traffic and, consequently, your audience. 
  • The content ranks exceptionally well in search engines, drawing people to your site to find out more about your products/services.
  • Your SEO-fit content attracts backlinks, a great indicator that your content is valuable and reliable.


  • The contracts are in bulk and expensive.
  • Some agencies offer less incentive for excellence.
  • The obligation to pay even when there’s no value addition to your business.

Expensive SEO Agencies

There’s no doubt that if you engage your content marketing in long-term SEO engagements, you must be ready to dig deeper into your pocket. However, the contract is worth your investment because the results are profitable. 

Let’s look at an example hereunder.

A SaaS SEO agency offering customer-fit services designed to acquire, sell, and retain customers, not just rankings, keywords, and traffic.

Sounds like a great deal. Right? It’s indeed, but the agency charges $300/hr and $10,000/month. That can be strenuous for most small business owners. Also, some of the services may be irrelevant in your case.

Gap 2: Fail to Produce Advanced Or Specialized Content

You have bumped into SEO “experts” offering substandard services. Consequently, you end up with content that seems to be working but eventually fail flat. Such content just drives empty traffic to your website.

In short, it’s selling beginner-level ’ content to an experienced audience. That won’t positively impact leads, conversions, or revenue.

Take a look at the B2B/B2C examples below: 

  • A drone app company targeting experienced drone pilots with various apps to choose from. They want to know how better your product is than competitors. 
  • An SEO agency selling to top company managers and CEOs who don’t need basic information but how the agency can help optimize their content.
  • A dental health center selling to potential clients that only need to know how it’ll solve their dental problems but not the definition of these services.
  • A digital marketing firm targeting marketing directors who are specialized in the field. 

Unqualified SEO agencies hire freelance writers with no in-depth knowledge of the topic they’re handling. As a result, they come up with shallow starter-level content. 

The above type of content is good but fails to address the pain point of an audience with advanced knowledge in the field.

Gap 3: Unwilling to Be Accountable for Leads Generation

The other big issue you may find yourself in is the SEO service provider’s unwillingness to lead generation accountability. Some agencies just want to focus on content output. 

Such companies’ deliverables are about the number of articles published, the number of keywords researched, and the number of SEO or technical issues solved. On the contrary, you’re interested in the results: Qualified leads that close at a high rate and increased revenue.

Businesses in the financial and fintech industry serve customers with advanced knowledge, therefore beginner-level kind of content won’t cut it. They need a more advanced SEO strategy.

‘Building Blocks’ Framework: Our Strategy for Building One of the Most Affordable SEO Services

The ‘building block’ framework is our pride. It’s an effective SEO strategy that allows you to enjoy affordable SEO services that don’t compromise on quality.

I’m sure you want to generate leads for your business or make money from your blog, but what types of affordable SEO services do you go for? 

Also, the fear of unknown results is a reality.  Worse still, it’s expensive and may leave your website with insignificant or no improvement (not ranking in search engines). The investment may also leave you with a financial casualty. 

We batch in our services into small building blocks. Hence, you can pay for the specific ‘block’ you need without incurring the cost of what’s irrelevant to your current situation. 

Here, you start with the basic one, and if you’re satisfied with the result, you can proceed to the next one. 

That way, our SEO services become affordable to all: From the Founders of small & medium businesses to bloggers looking for affordable SEO services. 

Most importantly, our SEO approach allows you to complete 12 months of SEO work in just 3 months.

Let’s have a profound look into each of our three ‘building blocks’:

Block 1: Our SEO Strategy

This ‘block’ is the primary package of our SEO services. It’s essential to start off an SEO campaign on the right footing. No need to shoot in the dark!

It helps us understand your customers’ needs, competitors vs. your standpoint, your services or your niche. We’ll handle all these and yield tangible results within 1-2 weeks. 

Below are our services:

1. Customer Research (For Companies) – We carry  out in-depth research to discover your best customers and their pain points in a profane manner. That way, we’re able to provide content that addresses the specific needs of your customers. Basically, content that adds value to them.

In this approach, we focus more on producing content that yields useful leads, not how much traffic it drives to your website.

2. Competitor/Niche analysis (for Bloggers)We examine your performance against your competition to see where you stand. Then we strategize how you can outdo your rivals. It gives your content a higher edge against the rest in your competitors. .

3. Familiarization with Business We take a deep dive into your goals, branding, messaging, and competitors to ensure we understand them as well as you do. That creates a strong customer relationship, and consequently, we’re able to run with your vision/goal.

4. Keyword Gap Analysis & Research – We conduct keyword research to identify at least 50 new handpicked keywords through several premium SEO tools, GSC & GA. Basically, it helps us locate valuable opportunities you have missed in your content.

5. Content Audit – This service involves analyzing all of your site’s content to identify its strengths and weaknesses. That way, we can determine which articles have a chance for improvements in traffic and revenue and which to delete. 

6. Conversions Tracking Analysis – We analyze the actions of your site’s visitors to identify their conversion and drop-off areas. We go further to see what customer type and actions yield the expected results. In a nutshell, we establish which blog posts bring in the most leads and make recommendations.

7. Comprehensive SEO Strategy – Once we’re done with the research, we bring our findings to the table and develop  the ideal SEO strategy for your business. The aim is to maximize your content’s opportunity to gain organic traffic and convert it to customers.

8. 2-Hour Seo Strategy Session – After drafting a comprehensive strategy, we give you a 2-hour session where we take you through our research and findings. Finally, we present to you our recommended SEO strategy.

If you’re satisfied with this ‘block’ ( which I’m sure you’ll be), we can then move to the next.

Block 2: Content Optimization

This package alone can drive exponential traffic to your site! We ensure that your content has the potential to reach the widest audience possible. How? Including all relevant keywords, adding content, adding the title and meta descriptions, and linking it appropriately. 

Below are our services: 

1. Pages Optimization – We optimize pages of existing content for the primary keyword & NLP. This action gives your content the ideal opportunity to rank for the target keywords, build brand authority, and convert leads into profitable customers.

2. Content Addition – Wee add content, headers, meta-description, and FAQs. Here, we aim to make the articles as comprehensive as the competitors (or more) and pick up on additional sources of traffic.

3. Reporting We make a report of the content before the changes. And after implementing them, we draft another report on the changes made and the SEO score increase. That enhances our service’s transparency to you.

Let’s do content optimization for your blog.

Block 3:  Content Briefs

Our content briefs ensure your writer produces advanced and specialized content. By this, I mean content that meets the target audience’s needs. 

For instance, our outline guides the writer to produce ‘executive’ content if the article is addressing an executive audience. Such content is advanced and specialized. And introductory beginner’s content is irrelevant in this case.

Hence, as earlier mentioned, we do thorough research on your customers to understand their pain points and searcher intent. We can then provide content briefs that offer the solution. 

Below are our services:

1. Fully Optimized Outline – We provide a comprehensive and fully optimized outline with headers, suggested word count, and meta-description. As a result, your content sends strong signals to Google that it’s useful and thereby ranks high.

2. Long-Tail/Secondary And Related Keywords – These keywords get a few searches per month. They‘re longer and more specific; hence, they have a higher conversion rate. Our package will provide such for your content upgrading.

3. SEO Content Editor – We use tools such as Surfer SEO and RankIQ  to help us handle on-page optimization. Thus, improves your articles for search engine rankings.

4. Competitor Analysis – We analyze your competitors and provide links for your reference while writing. That allows you to align your content with theirs and identify any improvements you can make to rank better than theirs. 

5. Content Marketing Best Practices – Our content briefs also include marketing best practices to implement to produce quality content.

Note: You’ll be expected to provide the primary keyword unless the Strategy Package (Block 1)  is added.

Block 4: Accountable for Traffic and Lead Growth

We are accountable for traffic and leads generated. We understand that you aim to obtain quality traffic and leads, not just content volume. 

While some SEO service providers’ deliverables may be about the content volume ( ‘X’ articles with ‘Y’ word count), we focus on the results (producing quality leads that close at a high rate).

Hence, we provide monthly SEO reporting as indicated below: 

  • Organic results: We show your organic traffic’s changes so you can scan through your site to see traffic progress, top referrals, and engagement over time.
  • Organic traffic by device type: Shows the sequence of organic traffic details by tablets, desktops, and mobile. It gives you insight on the impact of particular device on engagement and organic traffic growth review in the mobile and desktop scopes.
  • Conversion report: Explains the ROI of the SEO campaigns. It helps to evaluate the worth of your SEO spending against the tangible ROI.
  • Local SEO report: Dives deep into each location’s organic performance. It allows you to see the number of phone calls, clicks, and impressions your site receives and the local landing pages-genarated organic traffic. 
  • Keyword ranking and visibility report: Our up-to-date shows the keyword ranking and visibility over time with real-time data. We’ll show you relevant keywords and pages for you SEO campaign. 

Note: Reporting is optional at a small fee. However, it comes as a bonus for our clients if we handle the entire SEO strategy: From keyword research, optimization, and briefs, to content creation.

Also, we’re only accountable for results when we take care of the entire process.

Benefits of Our Building Block Framework

Our SEO building block framework has tons of benefits, including the following:

  • Affordability:  Our services are reasonably priced, and there’s no monthly ‘retainer.’
  • Pricing transparency:  You don’t have to pay for the time waiting for your website to rank.
  • Quick turnaround time: We’re able to complete 12 months work of SEO work in 3 months.
  • A clear scope of work:  Our framework allows you to know what we do in each block.
  • No more expensive tools: We use premium tools such as Ahrefs, RanksIQ & SurferSEO, cutting down on the overall cost for you.
  • No empty traffic: We’re accountable to traffic & leads, thus yielding converting traffic.


How Much Should SEO Cost?

On average, SEO costs $100-$250 per hour in the US. Also, SEO agencies charge monthly retainers of $2,500-$10,000. You can benefit from an average monthly SEO plan in the country for only $2819 per Ahrefs. People from other  countries outside the US may charge $10-$150 per hour depending on their expertise

Are SEO Services Affordable and Reliable?

Yes, SEO services are affordable and reliable, especially for small businesses. You’ll have to pay a high cost if your business is a bit advanced. Thankfully, we offer affordable and reliable services to all companies: Small, medium, and large.


Your long search for affordable SEO services that generate steady leads and income has just come to an end. We’re an affordable SEO company. If you give us a chance, our ‘building blocks’ framework will upgrade your content to fit the needs of your audience.

Our SEO approach allows you to go for what you need specifically but not necessarily the full package. Also, if you need the entire package, it’s still affordable, as you can pay for one block at a time. You only pay for the next ‘block’ if you’re contented with the previous one: After getting your expected results.

Additionally, we’re accountable for traffic and lead growth. Not just driving empty traffic to your website. So, we guarantee you spontaneous conversions in the end.

Amazingly, our SEO approach slashes a 12 months working duration to only 3 months. 

If you feel that our strategy resonates with you, learn more about our services and pricing here.

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